Tasha McKinney

Tasha grew up in Moulton, Texas.  She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Sciences with an emphasis in Youth Development. In college, Tasha was heavily involved in YoungLife Ministries, and worked with junior high students in Bryan, Texas.  She worked as a counselor for Echo Valley in 2014. The following two summers, Tasha was a backpacking guide for Sky Ranch Ute Trail. This experience allowed Tasha to stay connected with her fellow Laity Lodgers because she got to lead the annual Outbound trip.

After graduation and her final summer as a Sky Ranch guide, Tasha worked as an outdoor educator for the Houston Outdoor Education Center in Trinity, Texas. Her hobbies include running, reading, and climbing. Tasha expressed the following, “I’m excited for the opportunity to do the work I love in the place that I love, to help students experience the Canyon in new and exciting ways.

Tasha’s direct experience working within the Outdoor Ed field will bring tremendous impacts for the thousands of students Outdoor serves. Tasha’s relationships and experience with LLYC will also support our continued work across program lines.